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 Gordie Rosenberg has been working on Mercedes and BMW's and most other cars, since the mid seventy's. FLCAR.NET is fully equipped with special tools for working on the classics and modern day cars thru 2017. Not just limited to Mercedes. 

Here is how you can take some simple precautionary steps:

If you have no choice but to make short trips, try and take your vehicle on the freeway at least once per week, as this will help burn off condensation.
Avoid excessive idling or allowing the car to warm up.
Keep Your vehicle garaged at night, if possible, when the temps are very low.
Change your engine oil every 5,000-7,000 miles, always using full synthetic.
We strongly advise not to follow BMW’s 12,000-15,000 mile oil change intervals, we have an expression here, “Oil is cheaper than metal”, keep your engine oil clean, and change on a frequent basis and your BMW will serve you well.